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No pump-outs!

Recycling Brings Freedom. The original composting toilet for Mobile and Marine applications no muss and no fuss no changing containers no pouring out urine. Self-contained and with a little maintenance works like a charm!

The Sun-Mar Mobile was the first composting toilet specifically designed to recycle waste on boats and recreational vehicles. Less pump-outs! No more chemical toilets! Recycling brings freedom with the ODOR-FREE operation of a Sun-Mar.

The Design of the Sun-Mar Mobile

Although the Sun-Mar Mobile uses Sun-Mars tried and true three-chamber system marinizing the unit led to some interesting adaptations. The need to be able to handle violent motion meant that the finishing drawer had to be gasketed so that no liquid could escape from the evaporating chamber.

The air intakes face the same problem. These have to be located higher up and the air ducted down to the evaporating chamber.

At the same time a special drum locker ensures that the composting drum is held upright under all sea or road conditions.

Space constraints mean that a fold-away foot rest is needed on the unit. This footrest has spring loaded legs and a safety release mechanism to enable it to be removed periodically when access to the finishing drawer is required.

To assist installation strong mounting brackets are mounted at the base and rear of the unit.

Electrically the Sun-Mar Mobile units are quite different from other units because of the unique situation on many boats and RVs. A 4.0 Watt 12 Volt fan is installed in a fan box within the vent stack. This fan (which is on its own circuit) is designed to operate continuously while the unit is in use.

To assist the 12 Volt fan in providing adequate venting the Sun-Mar Mobile is unique among Sun-Mar units in having a 3 vent stack. Customers need to supply their own de
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